Brigham's Ice Cream Emergency Spill Response

Brigham's Ice Cream is an ice cream manufacturer and franchised restaurant. Brigham's is sold in quart cartons throughout New England, and served at franchised restaurants located in Massachusetts. CommTank was called to the Quincy location when 30-gallons of No. 2 fuel oil was spilled onto the concrete and surrounding soils. The basement heating oil tank had leaked from the bottom and the Quincy Fire Department was called when the staff smelled fuel.

The real estate management company that leased the retail space to Brigham’s hired CommTank for the emergency spill response. The first crews on site worked to contain the leak and recover as much oil as possible. The source of the tank leak was found underneath the soil outside the building. The vent pipe traveled two feet underground before entering the basement. The oil company had complained about the difficulty of filling the tank because of backpressure. When CommTank excavated and removed the vent pipe they found it was corroded and filled with soil. CommTank crews set up negative air machines to move the oil vapors from the basement so they could work safely and remove the damaged tank. The next step was to isolate the contaminated area with polyethylene sheeting so that the restaurant and salon next door would not be affected by oil vapors. The Quincy Board of Health approved the steps taken and allowed the business to reopen.