Green Cab Company UST Leak Remediation

CommTank removed two underground storage tanks (USTs), and five underground lift pistons at the Green Cab Company in Somerville Ma. The first UST is a 1,000-gallon #2 fuel oil storage tank and the other a 275-gallon waste oil tank.The hydraulic tank for the lift pistons contained approximately 50-gallons of hydraulic fluid. CommTank also provided remediation services when it was found that the 275-gallon tank had leaked. The site remediation consisted of assisting the owner’s licensed site professional (LSP) to collect samples from the sidewalls and bottom of the existing excavation. CommTank’s environmental technicians stockpiled petroleum contaminated soil (PCS) and removed it from the site using a track-mounted bucket excavator and loaded directly onto trucks for transportation to a certified soil treatment facility. Approximately 30 tons of contaminated soil was removed from the site.

1,000-Gallon and 275-Gallon UST Removal

  • Obtain necessary permits from the Somerville Fire Department
  • Obtain trench permit 
  • Dig safe property (identify underground utilities)
  • Excavate soil located on the UST 
  • Create a manway into the UST
  • Measure explosive gases using a 4-gas meter
  • Enter and clean the inside of the UST
  • Remove and prepare tank for Fire Department inspection 
  • Transport and dispose of the UST at a licensed tank yard
  • Field screen soil using a photo-ionization detector
  • Collect one (1) soil sample and send it to a state licensed laboratory for EPH/VPH
  • Fill excavation to grade with clean fill (sand and stone)

Hydraulic Piston Removals

  • Obtain necessary permits from the Somerville Fire Department
  • Dig safe property (identify underground utilities) 
  • Break concrete located on top of the pistons
  • Excavate soil surrounding the pistons 
  • Disconnect and remove hydraulic lines
  • Remove and prepare pistons for Fire Department inspection
  • Transport and dispose of the pistons at a licensed scrap yard
  • Field screen soil from each piston grave using a photo-ionization detector
  • Fill and compact excavation to grade with clean fill (sand and stone)

Soil, Disposal, & Treatment

Dispose of 30 tons of PCS at a cost of $50/ton plus $25/ton of installed clean fill to replace the petroleum contaminated soil.