City of Melrose Soil Remediation

The following summary describes a recent project that CommTank completed for the City of Melrose. The work involved an emergency spill response to an oil spill and soil remediation of contaminated areas. A recent flash flood event caused water to rise in the basement of the West Side Fire Station. The rising water overturned an unsecured drum of used motor oil than was partially filled. The oil mixed with the floodwater and spread to other parts of the basement and into storm drains. When CommTank responded to the oil spill we found much of the water had soaked into the concrete and brick. CommTank crews squeegeed up as much free oil as possible and collected the rest using oil sorbent pads and speedy dry. Sand bag barriers were built to hold back additional rain water and poly was used to cover the driveway and drain. An LSP was brought in to assess the extent of the oil spill. He requested samples of the soil be taken from the yard behind the fire station, brick beneath the boiler and stairs and soil under the driveway trench drain. Contamination was found in the yard, stairs and trench drain. CommTank excavated under each area to remove the soil and restore the stairs and drain by pouring new concrete. The excavation in the yard required approximately 24 inches of topsoil to be removed in a 16x16 square foot area. After the area was confirmed free on contaminants we backfilled and compacted the ground.