Oil Spill Response Bedford Ma

Oil Spill Response Bedford Ma

This project reflects the services provided by CommTank on the evening of November 16, 2011, in response to an emergency spill of #2 fuel oil on Springs Road, Bedford, MA.

  1. Pump out one 330-gallon aboveground storage tank (AST) and miscellaneous containers.
  2. Remove AST tank and miscellaneous piping.
  3. Absorb oil on floor with speedy-dry and absorbent pads.
  4. Install one negative air machine to remove fuel vapors.
  5. Install temporary fuel tank, fuel lines and prime system.
  6. Remove one drum of oily absorbent materials.

CommTank set up a containment area using 6 mil polyethylene sheeting over the area of the spill. One negative air machine was installed in the basement and vented outside the residence to maintain air quality within the building. A temporary 275-gallon tank with secondary containment was set up outside the building to supply fuel to the furnace.    

Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection requested that CommTank perform a subsurface investigation. 

  • Install three soil borings
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