900-gallon Residential Oil Tank Installation

900-gallon Residential Oil Tank Installation

This project might seem ordinary when we tell you that it was an oil tank installation in a brand new home. However, this is no ordinary new home and this heating oil tank has a 900-gallon capacity. The standard size for most homes is 275-gallons. Also, it was installed in a basement 2 floors below ground level.

At the time of installation the home was newly constructed and designed to have 6 bedrooms and 5.5 baths. It is located high on a cliff overlooking Singing Beach in Manchester, Massachusetts. You can imagine the logistics.

900-gallon heating oil tank is ready to be lowered

To start the project, we submitted a detailed installation drawing along with the tank specifications to the local fire department to get approval to install the oil tank. Then a flat bed truck was required to transport the tank. Additionally, a crane, rigging, and 3-man crew was needed to move it from the truck to the basement. Eighty feet of steel pipe was installed by our technicians to connect the tank to the outside wall so the oil company could access the fill pipe. This job was definitely not your ordinary oil tank installation.

Residential-900-gallon heating oil tank installed

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