Basement Tank Oil Spill Cleanup

Basement Tank Oil Spill Cleanup

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The CommTank team responded to an emergency call for a fuel oil spill in a basement in Dedham, Massachusetts.  Our home owner customer’s fuel tank had ruptured and he needed fuel oil spill cleanup because oil was leaking onto the basement floor.


Why this Home Heating Oil Spill Cleanup Was Needed

Area property owners discussed this situation requiring home heating oil spill cleanup, and our customer learned that an adjacent homeowner had just received a receipt for oil delivery. One neighbor had recently switched oil companies. It was determined that unfamiliar people from the new oil delivery company had mistakenly delivered oil to the wrong house. Our customer’s tank was already full.  More pressure from the fuel truck’s pump caused the tank to rupture.

Our CommTank service team provides customers with 24-hour access to emergency oil spill cleanup services. Knowing this information about our systems, our customer reached out to CommTank for quick support and resolution of his issue.

How to Clean Up Fuel Spills in Basements: The CommTank Method

CommTank’s proven system for home heating oil spill cleanup provided our customer with peace of mind as we swiftly provided clean up heating oil spill basement.

The amount of steps to clean up the fuel spill in the basement CommTank performed include:

  • Installed negative air machines to ventilate the fuel vapors
  • Removed fuel oil spill in basement from the visible surface by vacuuming fuel from the floor
  • Spread the areas of the basement impacted with clay absorbent
  • Loaded oil-contaminated material from the basement fuel oil spill cleanup into a roll-off container
  • Installed a 110-gallon temporary tank for heating the home while the original tank was offline
  • Stored waste use materials such as oil-contaminated absorbent clay and pads for fuel oil spill cleanup in four steel drums

To assess the amount of cleanup for this fuel oil spill in basement, our CommTank project manager met with officials from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and the local fire department.  It was determined that a limited subsurface investigation was required to assess the amount of oil that was lost before further work was completed to clean up heating oil spill basement.

Upon approval for waste cleanup cost coverage from the homeowner’s insurance company, a subsurface investigation was completed. Under one area of the basement floor, the investigation identified contamination.   All contaminated soil in this area was thoroughly cleaned up by CommTank’s experienced oil spill cleanup crew.

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