Common Earth Farm – Basement Oil Tank Upgrade

Common Earth Farm – Basement Oil Tank Upgrade

CommTank provided an oil tank upgrade from a steel tank to a double-walled 275-gallon Roth™ oil tank inside this home in Bedford, NH. It was the second time we worked at this property.

The home owner also runs the Common Earth Farm which grows many traditional ethnic foods not otherwise available to refugees from various countries currently settled in the Manchester area. The refugee farmers, with support from local volunteers and non-profits, run a high production all natural farming operation. CommTank provided the tank upgrade at a 50% discount. The owner gives back so much to the community and we are proud to support her in any way we can.

CommTank crews performed the oil tank replacement by following the steps outlined below:

Tank Removal

  • Obtain necessary permit from the Local Fire Department
  • Cut the tanks using a nibbler
  • Remove all pumpable contents and tank bottoms
  • Clean the inside of the AST
  • Remove/abandon existing 3/8-inch copper fuel oil line from AST
  • Remove fill and vent piping
  • Remove and transport the 275-gallon AST and associated piping to a licensed scrap yard

The old steel oil tank loaded on the truck

Tank Installation – 275 gallon Roth™ AST

  • Obtain necessary permit from the Local Fire Department
  • Provide and install two (2) 275-gallon Roth™ AST
  • Core-drill one (1) new hole for fuel oil line to enter home to connect to boiler
  • Provide and install two (2) new 3/8-inch copper fuel oil lines from AST to the boiler
  • Install new fill and vent piping
  • Install new vent alarm, oil control safety valve, fuel gauge, filter and piping according to 527 CMR 4.03

All work conformed to federal, state and local fire code regulations. Once the piping was complete, the fuel that was in the old tank was transferred to the new Roth Tank. After testing the tank and furnace the system was ready for operation.

Roth tank installed in basement of New Hampshire home

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