Abandoned Underground Tank

CommTank was called to a residential property in Brookline, MA to investigate a pipe in the home with no known egress point. A home inspector had found it and couldn’t identify it. The homeowners were selling the home after living there for 32 years and wanted to avoid any future problems that might stop the sale. They had always heated the house with gas and were not aware of any other heating system in use prior to their arrival.

Our certified tank inspectror used an electrical signal connected to the unknown basement pipe and traced it to the front yard where two 500-gallon underground storage tanks were found. This site was a unique challenge for CommTank’s crew as an old stonewall prevented easy access to the buried tanks. The crew worked with a mini-excavator and a backhoe from the street to remove the tanks and remediate the site, with no damage done to the wall. The underground oil tanks, full of oil and water, were pumped out, cleaned and removed. After excavation, the tanks were brought to a licensed tank recycling facility, and the hazardous waste was picked up by an environmental firm licensed to dispose of such waste. New drainage pipe was also added for the roof drains before the lawn was restored.