Basement Tank Oil Spill Cleanup

CommTank responded to an emergency spill. The customer called to tell us that his tank had ruptured and oil was leaking onto his basement floor. After checking with a neighbor the owner found that an oil delivery receipt was left with them. The neighbor had just switched oil companies and we figured out that the unfamiliar driver had delivered oil to the wrong house. Our customer’s tank was already full so the additional pressure of the fuel truck’s pump caused the tank to rupture.

CommTank crews installed negative air machines to ventilate the fuel vapors and vacuumed the fuel from the floor. Clay absorbent was spread on the impacted areas and oil contaminated material in the basement was loaded into a roll-off container.

Our technicians installed a 110-gallon temporary tank for heating the house and four steel drums were brought to store contaminated oil absorbent clay and pads. CommTank’s project manager met with the Massachusetts DEP official and fire department to assess the cleanup. Everyone agreed that a limited subsurface investigation be done before further work was done to assess the amount of oil that was lost. After submitting a plan, and getting approval from the insurance company that was covering the cleanup costs, a subsurface investigation was done. Contamination was found underneath one area of the basement floor and CommTank began cleanup of the contaminated soil in this area.