Underground Tank Removal Amherst NH

CommTank removed this underground gasoline tank at this small farm in Amherst NH. The 1,000-gallon gasoline storage tank was used to store fuel for tractors, hay bailers, water pumps and other farm implements. The underground tank was still in good shape because it was located under the barn. Steel underground tanks like this one can last a long time because it wasn’t exposed to water. The barn’s hilltop location meant that groundwater drained away from the property. The owner planned to switch to a small aboveground storage tank. Aboveground storage tanks have distinct advantages including easier detection of leaks, placement at different locations as needed around the farm, and easier removal when circumstances change, like the sale of the farm.

In order to remove the underground tank a permit was acquired from the Town of Amherst. Dig Safe was called in to mark off utility lines going onto the property. The project manager prepared a confined space entry permit and a health and safety plan. Because of the location underneath the barn, the underground tank had to be partially excavated by hand. The barn floor had to be supported with floor jacks before the tank could be removed. The underground tank was cut open to allow access to pump and clean it. The excavation was filled to grade with clean sand and crushed stone. The underground tank was transported to a licensed tank yard to be recycled. After the removal was completed the project manager provided an underground tank closure report.