Leaking Basement Oil Tank

This Burlington Massachusett customer was home when he received an oil delivery and noticed an oil smell in his basement. He went to investigate and found a small leak at one end of the tank. Realizing that small leaks can turn into bigger ones the customer called CommTank and requested an emergency service. A project manager immediately went to the home to evaluate the rate of the leak. The leak was determined to be fast enough that it warranted a same-day tank replacement. The customer was given a quote for the tank replacement and he agreed to have the work done immediately.

CommTank rerouted an installation crew to this address and they brought a new Granby steel tank to replace the old tank. The crew started by pumping all 275-gallons to the storage tank on their truck. They removed the old tank by cutting it in two pieces and cleaning out the sludge inside. With the tank out of the way they removed the oil from the basement floor and cleaned any residue. The new Granby was installed in the same location and piped with new copper lines to the customer’s furnace. The vent and fill pipes were reconnected and the crew transferred the 275-gallons of oil to the new tank.

After the job was complete, the customer called to let us know that they were thrilled with all of our service, from the project manager’s site visit to the crew’s installation work. He said everyone was professional and efficient. The situation was a very stressful time for him (leaky tank) and CommTank made it easy.