This Old House - Essex House Project

This past year CommTank was fortunate to participate in another project with Kevin O’Connor, Richard Trethewey and Norm Abrams on This Old House. The oil tank removal job took place at the 1935 English-style cottage in Essex Massachusetts. As part of the renovation of the house, the This Old House crew was starting an addition to the kitchen and the oil tank located outside was in the way of the project. Richard Trethewey planned to upgrade the heating system to geothermal so the oil tank was no longer needed. CommTank was asked to demonstrate how an oil tank is removed. Our crews disconnected the tank, pumped out the oil and cut the tank in half with a steel nibbler tool. We then cleaned the two halves of the tank and brought it back to our facility to crush and recycle the steel.

Watch the episode that we appeared in.