Residential Oil Tank Upgrade

This project shows the steps required to replace a 275-gallon steel tank with two 130-gallon tanks. Smaller tanks are used instead of a similar 275-gallon tank to accommodate work space restrictions that were not present at the time of the original tank's installation. 

The crew starts the job by removing the vent and fill pipes, then pumps the oil from the existing tank into a temporary holding tank. Once the oil is gone, a hole is cut in the side of the tank to access the inside for sediment removal. The clean tank is then cut in half and carried out of the basement in separate pieces. 

The new tanks are brought into the basement and fitted with thermal switches before being positioned for installation. Once the tanks are level and secured to the floor, double-wall copper lines are installed to connect the tank system to the burner. An oil filter and a tiger loop are installed to ensure a reliable flow of clean fuel. The tanks are now ready for the old fuel to be pumped back in.