Underground Tank Removal in Francestown NH

This is an example of a residential underground tank removal. The heating oil for this house was stored in a 1000-gallon underground tank buried in the back yard.

CommTank crews checked with the local Fire Department, which in the case of Francestown is a volunteer department. Buried utilities were not a concern because the owner knew where his septic tank and leach field were located on the property. The crew pumped out the remaining fuel, excavated the top of the underground tank, and cut open the steel tank. Once the crew has access they climbed inside and removed the sediment from the tank bottom and put the sludge into a drum. With the boom of the excavator they hoist out the underground tank and placed it on a trailer. CommTank crew then samples the sidewalls and bottom of the excavation and the Fire Department then verifies the screened samples of soil and gives permission to backfill. After backfilling the excavation the pictures and soil readings were used to compile a tank closure report for the customer.