Oil Tank Replaced with Granby Eco-Guard

Oil Tank Replaced with Granby Eco-Guard

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Candia, New Hampshire – CommTank installed a Granby Ecogard oil tank as a replacement oil tank with double wall oil tank construction to replace a rusty oil tank for a residential customer.

Heating Oil Tank Replacement with Granby 275 Gallon Oil Tank

CommTank proposed a heating oil tank replacement and oil tank vent pipe replacement at this customer’s home for these key reasons:

  • The original installation (and now rusty oil tank) did not meet current NFPA codes
  • The copper oil line was not double-walled and was exposed to potential damage because it was installed on the cement floor
  • The oil tank vent line was one foot in height which allowed snow to cover it in winter storms

Replacement Oil Tank Project Summary

CommTank technicians installed a Granby 275 gallon oil tank in the same location as the original tank.

We removed the original basement oil storage tank and replaced it with a new Granby 275-gallon oil tank. For this new double wall oil tank, our team installed new double-wall fuel lines and mounted them overhead to protect the replacement oil tank system from accidental damage.

The project took three hours and included installation of a new fuel line to the furnace, new fill pipe, and new oil tank vent pipe replacement.

Granby Ecogard Oil Tank Installation Process

CommTank technicians provide homeowners with successful heating oil tank replacement with new Granby oil tanks using the steps outlined below.

Heating Oil Tank Removal

  • Cut the old original steel heating oil tank using a nibbler tool
  • Removed all pumpable contents from the tank bottom
  • Cleaned the inside of the heating oil tank
  • Removed and transported rusty oil tank and associated piping to a licensed scrap yard

Granby 275 Gallon Oil Tank Installation

  • Provided and installed a 275-gallon Granby Ecogard oil tank (Aboveground storage tank)
  • Provided and installed new 3/8-inch copper fuel return oil line to the existing boiler
  • Installed new fill and vent piping on top of the tank and painted piping to protect from rust
  • Installed new vent alarm, oil control safety valve, fuel gauge, filter and piping according to NFPA 31, Standard for the Installation of Oil Burning Equipment.

Oil Tank Vent Pipe Replacement

  • Provided oil tank vent pipe replacement and relocation to meet National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and New Hampshire codes and standards, since the original vent line was located too close to the window.
  • Raised the height of the vent pipe to prevent blockage of the vent due to snow accumulation.
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