Oil Tank Replacement in Windham, NH

Oil Tank Replacement in Windham, NH

CommTank provided an oil tank replacement service which included the removal of a steel oil tank and the installation of a 275-gallon Roth™ double-wall aboveground storage tank at this residence in Windham, NH. Here are the steps taken to replace the oil tank:

Heating Oil Tank Removal

  • Cut the tank using a nibbler
  • Removed all pumpable contents and tank bottom
  • Cleaned the inside of the heating oil tank
  • Removed and transported the oil tank and associated piping to a licensed scrap yard  

Roth Heating Oil Tank Installation

  • Provided and installed one (1) 275-gallon Roth™ AST
  • Provided and installed new 3/8-inch copper fuel return oil line to the existing boiler
  • Provided and installed one (1) Tigerloop
  • Installed new fill and vent piping on top of the tank
  • Installed new vent alarm, oil control safety valve, fuel gauge, filter and piping according to NFPA 31, “Standard for the Installation of Oil Burning Equipment”.
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