Waltham Oil Tank Removal

Waltham Oil Tank Removal

One of our customers documented the removal of his basement oil tank and was so pleased with the outcome he sent the photos to us. He captured everything from the truck arriving, to the crew cementing the wall where the old fill pipe was installed. In these photos you will see the pumping out of the old tank, the cutting and cleaning of the tank, and the loading of the two pieces to be brought back to our facility where it is crushed and recycled.

The technicians started the project by pumping out the oil tank using an intrinsically safe diaphragm pump. Safety glasses, gloves and respirators were used to protect the technicians from contact with oil and vapors.

Oil tank supply line is removed by technician

A container was placed under the oil filter/valve and any remaining oil was drained. The crew then disconnected the oil line and cut the vent and fill pipe. The empty oil tank was stood on end and cut in half. Sawdust was placed inside the tank to absorb residual oil and the technicians collected the sawdust for disposal using a scraper. The two cut sections of the oil tank were removed and brought to a recycling yard. Finally, the holes for the vent and fill pipes are sealed with cement.

Technician filling vent and fill holes with cement

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