Roth Heating Oil Tank Installation

Roth Heating Oil Tank Installation

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Merrimack, New Hampshire – CommTank performed oil tank replacement services for this residential customer in New Hampshire.  Our dedicated technicians successfully installed a Roth 275-gallon oil tank after removing and safely disposing of the homeowner’s original basement oil storage tank. 

CommTank is one of the top oil tank replacement companies for whom Roth certifies technicians to install their oil tanks. This project took our Roth oil tank certified installers four (4) hours to complete.

The scope of this project included oil tank pipe installation of a new fuel line to the furnace, as well as new fill and vent pipes.  Our team also relocated the unit’s vent pipe to meet National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and New Hampshire fire and environmental codes, since the location of the original vent line was too close to a window.

CommTank technicians also raised the height of the vent pipe so it could not become blocked with snow accumulation in winter.  Oil tank vent blockage with snow or other elements can reduce ventilation and reduce the efficiency and performance of the oil tank and burner.

Oil Tank Replacement Steps

Below are the critical oil tank replacement steps that our Roth oil tank certified installers completed to ensure an efficient and successful Roth oil tank installation for this residential client.

Heating Oil Tank Removal

  • Cut up the oil steel oil tank to be removed using a nibbler metal cutting tool
  • Removed all pumpable contents and tank bottom
  • Cleaned the inside of the heating oil tank
  • Removed and transported the oil tank and associated piping to a licensed scrap yard 

Roth Heating Oil Tank Installation 

  • Provided and installed a 275-gallon Roth™ double-walled aboveground storage tank
  • Provided and installed new 3/8-inch copper fuel return oil line to the existing boiler
  • Provided and installed a Tigerloop Deaerator to improve combustion by eliminating air from oil before it reaches the burner
  • Provided oil tank pipe installation of new fill and vent piping on top of the new Roth tank
  • Painted the new Roth oil tank piping to protect it from corrosion and rust
  • Installed new vent alarm, oil control safety valve, fuel gauge, filter and piping according to NFPA 31 Standard for the Installation of Oil Burning Equipment.

The new double-wall heating oil storage tank will support years of worry-free heating for our client.

For more information about CommTank’s Roth Heating Oil Tank Installation services, call us at 1-800-628-8260.

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