Common Earth Farm – Two Unused Oil Tanks Removed

Common Earth Farm – Two Unused Oil Tanks Removed

CommTank donated our time, expertise and equipment to remove 2 old oil tanks and an antiquated boiler at the Common Earth Farms in Bedford, NH. Common Earth Farm is a non-profit community driven project that provides farm land and resources to refugees that had once farmed in their former countries.

The farmers now raise crops and earn money to feed their families and provide for them. The greenhouses, which the farmers work in during the winter, produced 70,000 plants last year. The farmers then plant the seedlings in a community garden and sell the remainder to nurseries and the public.

Watch the time-lapse video showing all the steps of the project.

The two unused 275-gallon steel oil tanks, a boiler, and the steam pipe that once heated the original greenhouses took up precious room and posed an environmental hazard. The farm can now use the space to add more seedling plants in the greenhouse and products in the self-service farm stand.

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