Underground Storage Tank Removal and Limited Removal Action

Underground Storage Tank Removal and Limited Removal Action

CommTank provided a Limited Removal Action (LRA) service for this residential property located in Dedham, Massachusetts after the removal of a 4,000-gallon No. 2 fuel oil underground storage tank (UST).  A change order was issued for the transportation and disposal of petroleum contaminated soil (PCS) after a leak was discovered at the fill pipe.  These remedial actions were initiated and completed under the provisions of a LRA which is outlined in the Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP) at 310 CMR 40.0318.

Limited Removal Action

Prior to UST removal, petroleum staining was observed near the UST fill pipe.  CommTank excavated and stockpiled this soil for proper disposal.  After removal of this PCS, a grab soil sample was collected for laboratory analysis and was screened for total organic vapors (TOVs) using a Thermo Electron Model 580B Organic Vapor Meter (OVM) via the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) jar headspace screening method (described in MassDEP BWSC Policy No. WBC-400-89 entitled Management Procedures for Excavated Soils Contaminated with Virgin Petroleum Oils).  The OVM was calibrated to measure TOVs, as isobutylene, in parts per million per volume (ppmv). A TOV concentration of 90 ppmv was measured for this grab sample.

Underground Storage Tank Removal

After removal of PCS identified above the UST, CommTank removed the 4,000-gallon No. 2 fuel oil UST and associated piping from the beneath the grassy area on the southern side of the residence.  Approximately 150 gallons of fuel oil remaining in the UST was removed and the UST was cleaned prior to removal.  The UST was transported and disposed at a licensed scrap yard.

Excavator digs contaminated soil from underground tank leak

Once the UST was removed, CommTank collected soil samples from sidewalls and from the base of the excavation.  No TOV concentrations above background (0 ppmv) were recorded during the screening of soil samples collected from sidewalls and the bottom of the UST excavation. 

One soil sample identified as Pb2 10’ was collected from the bottom of the excavation for submittal for laboratory analysis.  The soil sample collected for laboratory analysis was submitted under proper COC to ChemServe of Milford, New Hampshire for laboratory analysis for MassDEP EPH including target PAHs.

Clean backfill has replaced the contaminated soil

Two days later, 15.24 tons of PCS stockpiled next to the UST, was transported by CommTank to Environmental Soil Management, Inc. (ESMI) in Loudon, New Hampshire under BOL completed by Kevin J. Kavanaugh, LSP (LSP No. 7610) for thermal recycling.

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