Pelletier Properties UST Removal

Pelletier Properties UST Removal


CommTank provided this removal service for a 500-gallon underground storage tank (UST) at 251 Mason Road Townsend, Ma. Pelletier Properties LLC was working at this bank owned property and discovered a 500-gallon UST. The tank needed to be pumped out immediately. The contractor obtained all the permitting and needed 6" of sludge/oil removed from the tank. The tank was intact when it was pulled from the ground and no holes or leaks were found.

UST Removal Steps

  • Obtain necessary permits (tank removal permit, trench permit, etc.)
  • Provide Dig Safe utility clearance of property (identify underground utilities)
  • Prepare a confined space entry permit and a site-specific health and safety plan
  • Remove and dispose of two (2) bushes located on top of the UST
  • Excavate soil located on top of the UST
  • Create a manway into the UST
  • Remove all pumpable contents and tank bottoms
  • Measure explosive gases with a 4-gas meter
  • Clean the inside of the UST
  • Prepare tank for fire department inspection
  • Field screen soil using an organic vapor meter (OVM)
  • Backfill the excavation to grade with clean fill (sand & stone)
  • Transport the UST and associated piping to a licensed tank yard for disposal
  • Provide a UST closure report

Watch a video of the UST Removal service we provided.

Restoration was limited to backfilling to surrounding grade with clean fill, in the areas disturbed, as a result of the UST removal. No contaminated soil was encountered in the excavation. A UST closure report was provided to the customer at the end of the job. 

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