Concrete Repair

Concrete Repair

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CommTank performs concrete repair services part of our full-service support of commercial and industrial facilities throughout New England.

Our experts know the requirements and best practices for safe, effective concrete repair and restoration.

We diligently identify, measure, and thoroughly prepare all areas in need of concrete repair or concrete placement, and use quality products and equipment to achieve successful results.

Proper surface preparation is critical to the success of any concrete repair. We remove all damaged concrete down to the sound concrete, to create a clean, rough surface to which the new concrete can properly adhere.

Concrete Repair Types

The type of concrete repair we perform depends on the extent of damage to existing concrete. For example, the three types of concrete surface repair we perform include:

Full-depth Concrete Repair – involves removing all damaged concrete down to sound concrete (via mechanical or hydro demolition methods); replacing the reinforcing steel (rebar); and placing new concrete over the prepared surface.

Partial-depth Concrete Repair – involves cutting around the damaged area to remove damaged concrete, cleaning or replacing the reinforcing steel; and placing a repair mortar on the prepared surface.

Concrete Surface Overlay – for concrete with only minor surface damage, we prepare the surface and apply a durable concrete overlay to effectively restore the surface.

CommTank Concrete Repair Services

Concrete repair is a key component of many projects we perform that involve cleaning, repairing, maintaining and installing tank systems in commercial buildings and industrial facilities.

Examples of CommTank Concrete Repair Services

  • Concrete Drain Repair
  • Concrete Floor Repair to Eliminate Cracks
  • Concrete Safety Bollard Replacement and Installation
  • Reinforced Concrete Tank Pads for Above Ground and Underground Storage Tanks
  • Gas Station Drive Mats with Positive Limiting Barriers (PLB)
  • Concrete Pads for Storage Tanks