Emergency Response & Rescue Services

Emergency Response & Rescue Services

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CommTank is New England’s trusted local resource for emergency response and rescue services. Our teams are available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year to provide clients with prompt service and peace of mind.

Emergency situations require experienced, fully-prepared professionals whose mission and passion is to consistently perform fast, safe, effective response.  Our team has the practical expertise, solutions, equipment, and supplies you can count on when your facility needs emergency response services.

Our demonstrated expertise is rooted in providing decades of safe and successful maintenance, cleaning, repair, removal and installation of fuel tanks, and several related services for clients throughout New England.

This comprehensive support, including dedicated emergency services, has earned us an excellent reputation among commercial, industrial and residential clients, and local building officials in each community we serve.

Reliable Emergency Response Solutions and Processes

Our highly-skilled teams routinely work in potentially hazardous situations to safely perform commercial and environmental services for clients across several industries. This mission-critical experience and our specialty equipment enable us to rapidly respond to emergencies.

A few of the many industries we serve include:

  • Pharmaceutical – Biomedical Labs
  • Food Service – Restaurants, Cafeterias, Commercial Kitchens
  • Healthcare – Hospitals, Nursing homes
  • Education – Universities, Schools
  • Fuel Services – Gas stations, fuel tank storage facilities
  • Manufacturing
  • Chemical Production
  • Power Generation

CommTank Emergency Response and Rescue Services

Incidents that Require Emergency Response or Rescue

Commercial and industrial clients rely on CommTank for Emergency Response to incidents such as:

  • Fuel Spills due to overfilled storage tanks above ground or underground
  • Fuel Spills due to tank system leaks or ruptures underground or above ground
  • Chemical or fuel spills that prompt environmental cleanup
  • System interruptions or overflows due to blocked pipes or clogged drains
  • Tank or equipment failure due to improper maintenance tank systems

CommTank Emergency Response Equipment and Supplies

Our emergency response trucks and trailers are stocked with readily-available equipment and supplies to ensure successful results when responding to emergencies.  Commonly-used equipment includes:

  • Respiratory protection, Supplied air systems
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Gas monitoring equipment
  • Petroleum & chemical sorbent products
  • Vacuum Trucks, Wet & Dry VacuumsFrac Tanks, Portable Tanks, Totes & Drums
  • Drain protectors
  • Submersible pumps, Transfer pumps
  • Negative air machines
  • Tripod lighting and emergency generators