Environmental Drilling

Our mobile drilling equipment allows us to provide fast evaluations of potentially contaminated sites. For drilling outdoors we use an AMS 9100-SK rig, which is a hydraulically powered soil probe unit. These direct push rigs are excellent tools for shallow soil, soil-gas and water sampling. They can be used to collect either depth specific or continuous samples. Continuous soil sampling is accomplished using a small-diameter (1.5-inch inside diameter) macro-core sampler, which collects 4-foot cores. Soil samples can be collected from discrete intervals using a piston sampler. The depth limitation of the AMS 9100-SK in normally consolidated soil ranges between 20 to 60 feet.

If drilling indoors and collecting soil samples, a Geoprobe® open tube soil sampler is used. For setting sampling wells in course grain sand or gravels a portable auger-based drill rig can install up to 2\" wells. When installing wells on slopes or hillsides a tripod mounted cathead drill can provide a stable angle to drill to depths of 25 feet. All of our drilling is done using clean, non-contaminated above and below ground equipment in order to provide accurate sample integrity and eliminate the possibility of cross contamination between sampling locations.