Field Welded Tanks

Field Welded Tanks

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A field welded tank is the storage alternative to an oil tank purchased off the shelf. Use applications for tanks welded on site include many benefits.  Any size of field welded tank can be constructed to fit your space, since field welded tanks are designed and installed from the ground up.

A field welded oil tank is ideal when the sizes of off the shelf tank products won't fit into your building's sub-basement or boiler room. For home and commercial use, CommTank offers a fair price and quality installation for field welded tanks in round, rectangular, or square configurations.

One way to maximize your storage capacity in an existing vault is for CommTank to custom-build a rectangular tank to fit your storage room.  For our customers who are required to have 110% containment in case of an oil spill accident, we can field weld a secondary containment around your new or existing tank.

Our Tank Design Technology and Installation Approach

  • Use advanced technology to design and outline applications for each specific site
  • Obtain permission and a tank installation permit from local fire department
  • Prepare a level foundation for installation
  • Use quality steel products and equipment
  • Use our licensed technicians to install the tank and supporting equipment components
  • Build a secondary containment system to prevent any oil from leaking

Why CommTank is Your Best Choice

A wide range of benefits make CommTank your best choice for field welded tank fabrication and installation.  We use only virgin steel products manufactured by Markham Metal. Virgin steel is low carbon, fine grain, and 100% recyclable.  It is our choice for applications involving field welding because of its reliability, weldability, durability, and corrosion resistance.

One quarter inch size minimum

We weld tanks of steel with a minimum size thickness of one quarter inch. We use only Standard 653 and AWS QC7-93 certified welders.

CommTank takes the initiative of handling the major details of the project, whether it is small or large, so that our customer has less to worry about. In accordance with the UL142 safety standards, CommTank pressure tests each new tank before installation takes place. We have trusted third party quality assurance inspectors design and test each tank prior to its use. CommTank contacts the local fire department in order to acquire permission to install the tank, and an installation permit. As long as the capacity of the tank being installed is less than 10,000 gallons there is no need to contact the state fire marshal. All parts and labor are backed up by a one-year warranty, and we ensure that the tank will have a life of at least ten years.

*CommTank is G12 licensed in the Boston area
*All tanks also meet NFPA 30, 30A, 31 and the Uniform Fire Code UFC Article 79

For examples of our work please see the field welded tank projects section of our web site.

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