Flood Response and Recovery

Flood Response and Recovery

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CommTank’s experienced flood response specialists are available all day, every day (24/7/365) for dedicated support of commercial and industrial buildings and their surrounding properties.  Our expertise, experience and equipment enable us to rapidly respond to flooding in any size facility, including sensitive facilities such as hospitals, laboratories, biomedical facilities, chemical plants, and more.

One Comprehensive Resource for Flood Response and Recovery

Our commercial plumbing services enable our team to comprehensively clean up the flood; determine the source of the flood; and clean out, repair, or replace any drains, pits, pipes, valves, grease traps, sumps, tanks and tank components that triggered the flood or were damaged by the flood.

CommTank’s Proven Flood Response Process

Our experienced team of flood response specialists arrives on site fully prepared to efficiently restore interior and exterior areas of flooded industrial and commercial properties. 

Key Steps in Our Proven Flood Response Process

  • Determine flood source (tank rupture, sewer backup, frozen pipes, blocked/clogged drain, etc.)
  • Define impacted area for flood restoration
  • Conduct hazard assessment
  • Coordinate with site owner or representative to safely relocate people away from flooded area
  • Coordinate with site owner or representative to remove furniture/equipment to access flooded area
  • Use personal protective equipment appropriate to the type of fluid to be removed
  • Set up pumping system and equipment appropriate to the type of fluid to be removed
  • Appropriately dispose of fuel, water, wastewater, and contaminated liquids and solids

Incidents That Trigger Interior and Exterior Flooding

  • Weather events (Heavy rain, tornado, hurricane)
  • Frozen, broken pipes
  • Pipe rupture
  • Tank rupture or equipment failure
  • Sewer backup
  • Drain clogs or blockage

CommTank-owned Flood Response Equipment and Supplies

CommTank teams have the expertise and specialty equipment to safely restore any flooded areas, from parking lots to areas within commercial or industrial buildings.  We maintain our own fleet of quality flood remediation equipment, and our emergency vehicles are fully-stocked and ready to respond.

Examples of CommTank Flood Remediation Equipment

  • Vacuum Trucks, Commercial Wet and Dry Vacuums
  • Submersible Pumps, Transfer Pumps, Hoses
  • Frac Tanks, Portable Tanks, Totes and Drums
  • Vessels and Vehicles to contain and transport contaminated waterTripod lighting
  • Emergency generators
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Petroleum and chemical sorbent products
  • Containment equipment