Fuel Tank Rentals

Fuel Tank Rentals

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Fuel Tank and Oil Tank Rental Services Overview

CommTank has provided comprehensive fuel tank and oil tank rental services for mission-critical facilities throughout the New England area and throughout the U.S. for more than 25 years.

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We provide information, equipment and fuel tank services that support our customers’ emergency preparedness and maintain their vital operations.  For example, our customers range from utilities to airport facilities, data centers, medical facilities, commercial properties, and shipping and distribution company locations, to property management firms, schools, universities, and municipalities.

Fuel storage tank rental.

Fuel storage tank rental for emergency generator

Our proven experience and comprehensive in-house services especially benefits customers during emergency situations that demand several days of backup power. From utilities to private companies, our customers use CommTank fuel tank product rentals to fuel large generators that enable use of critical equipment, such as in temporary medical & healthcare facilities.

CommTank Fuel Tanks Extend Generator Run Times

Critical-care facilities are typically recommended to have 72 hours of back up on-site fuel storage – but people are often surprised to learn that the majority of national firms who provide generator rentals do not also provide enough fuel containment to power them for at least 72 hours.

This is because generators in most cases only come with a small “day-tank”, which only provides a few hours of run time.

CommTank can extend your generator run time by quickly providing you with cost-effective support for rentals of larger, longer-term temporary storage units and equipment that will automatically fill your generator’s day-storage unit, to avoid the need for frequent delivery of fuel.

Diesel fuel tank rental.

Diesel fuel tank rental for Massachusetts hospital

Full-Service Support for All Your Fuel Tank Rental Needs

Heating oil and motor fuels must be stored safely, used responsibly, protected from fire risk, and contained adequately to prevent polluting or contaminating the environment.

Our team of manufacturer-certified technicians have performed tank installation and testing of thousands of UL certified ASTs from trusted brands such as Western Global, Highland and ConVault.

You gain seamless support and in-house expertise for everything your portable fuel storage project requires. From single-wall or double-wall specification, to full logistics including project mobilization, installation, pipefitting, permitting, inspection coordination, and demobilization – our non-outsourced services and equipment ensure cost-effective, single-source accountability for your project.

Drawing upon our 25 years of expertise with installing permanent stationary units, we also provide affordable, high-quality auxiliary tank rentals to power a variety of equipment and commercial appliances such as generators, machinery, boilers and heating  systems, as well as vehicles including trucks, cars, golf carts, boats and more.

Simply put, we specialize in safe, efficient, and affordable rentals of petroleum product storage solutions and equipment that power a wide range of industries.

Temporary fuel storage tank rental.

Temporary fuel storage tank rental

A Trusted Partner to Generator Installation Contractors

Our successful history of providing clients with dependable, full-service solutions has earned us excellent partnerships and referrals from commercial generator installation contractors.

These professionals count on our team to expertly handle new fuel source equipment projects, as well as rentals, installation and permitting of fuel tanks and equipment to repair failed or leaking ones.

Why Experience is Critical for Temporary Tank Installation

Every back up system configuration is unique to the existing site conditions, so when you select a firm to support your facility, it’s important to realize that experience is critical to providing efficient, cost-effective, site-specific solutions.

For example, we often rent and install temporary units to fuel boilers or generators, while the existing damaged or leaking containment equipment is replaced with a permanent stationary unit. Internal inspections require the storage tank to be taken out of service, cleaned, and made ready for the inspector to enter the tank. We provide a temporary fuel tank for these projects so that the equipment they supply is not offline. 

Fuel Tank Types and Rental Costs

Rental Rates
300 GAL$40$180$448
500 GAL$80$240$600
1,000 GAL$110$336$840
2,000 GAL$144$432$1080
3,000 GAL$160$480$1200
5,000 GAL$200$600$1500
6,000 GAL$240$720$1800
10,000 GAL$320$960$2400
Pipefitters $194.00 per hour (for a crew of 2) plus material to run fuel piping
Mobilization and demobilization fee is dependent on location.

Western Global Fuel Cube Tank Size Chart

VolumeTank DimensionsTank Weight
13246 "35"46"9651,901

Highland Skid Tank Size Chart

Volume Tank Dimensions
Gallons Diameter Length
2403'-2 "3'-4 "
3003'-2 "4'-0 "
5004'-0 "5'-5 "
10004'-0 "10'-9 "
10005'-4 "6'-0 "
15005'-4 "9'-0 "
20005'-4 "12'-0 "
25005'-4 "15'-0 "
30005'-4 "18'-0 "
40005'-4 "24'-0 "
50008'-0 "13'-4 "
60008'-0 "16'-0 "
80008'-0 "21'-4 "
100008'-0 "26'-8 "

ConVault Tank Size Chart

Corrosion and Chemical Resistant Fuel Storage

VolumeDry WeightDimensions
125*6,0004'-.5"4'-.5"3' - 11"
3000 DW*36,000+12'-2"8'-0"6'-11"
3000 LP*35,500+11'-3"8'-0"7'-3.5"
3000 SP*37,000+17'-7"8'-0"3'-2"
4000 DW*40,000+12'-2"8'-0"8'-9"
4000 LP*45,000+17'-7"8'-0"6'-5"
Multi-Comparment Tank Sizes
Double 125*
(250 Split)
Double 250
(500 Split)
Double 500
(1000 Split)
Double 1,000
(2000 Split)
Double 1,500 DW*
(3000 Split)
Double 1,500 LP*
(3000 Split)
Double 1,500 SP*
(3000 Split)
Double 2,000 DW*
(4000 Split)
Double 2,000 LP*
(4000 Split)
Double 2,600*
(5200 Split)
Double 3,000*
(6000 Split)
Double 4,000*
(8000 Split)
Double 5,000*
(10,000 Split)
Double 6,000*
(12,000 Split)
5000 gallon fuel tank rental, Haverhill, MA.

5000 gallon diesel fuel tank rental in Haverhill, MA.

Our fuel storage unit rentals come in several sizes and shapes, ranging from cylindrical to square fuel tanks and equipment that each serve a unique purpose.  No matter your space requirements, we offer many capacities and configuration solutions.

We offer single or double walled steel units in sizes ranging from 110-gallons to 5,000-gallons for storage of diesel oil, heating oil and other petroleum products, as well as motor fuels such as gasoline. We also stock larger capacities ranging from 5,000 to 10,000 gallon.

Each of our portable tank fuel units are double wall steel or single wall with 110% containment, from trusted brands such as Western Global, Highland, and Convault.

All units meet UL-142 standards for above ground single wall tanks, and we also offer UL-2085 rated units for fire protection, fire resistance, and thermal protection.

To accommodate each site’s unique layout challenges such as landscaping and uneven terrain, we offer a variety of equipment solutions with supports and stabilizers such as skids and saddles.

Temporary fuel storage tank installation.

Temporary fuel storage tank installation

Emergency and Non-Emergency Tank Delivery Solutions

Our proven delivery process for tank rentals streamlines your project, saves you time and money, and enables you to focus on your core business.  We take care of everything – from initial planning & permitting, to delivery, setup, pipefitting, safety, and more.

Our Advantage Over National Firm Rentals

Our prices are fair and highly competitive – especially considering the overall value of comprehensive in-house services, unmatched by the national brands that rent auxiliary fuel storage.

Two key advantages of our product and service solutions versus national brand firms are capacity and installation support.

  • Capacity:  National firms typically offer smaller vessels with capacity limitations that require more frequent refill deliveries, while we offer several options for on-site fuel storage in larger-capacity vessels that can go for days, not hours, before needing a refill.
  • Installation Support:  National firms do not typically staff in-house pipefitter professionals to complete the installation, while our experienced team enables you to avoid outsourcing any of your installation.
Double walled fuel tank rental.

Double wall fuel tank rental

Tank Permitting and Planning

CommTank has deep knowledge of local and federal permitting requirements, and vast experience with site-specific commercial planning that satisfies all permit conditions such as registration, setback limitations, safety equipment and other regulatory requirements.  You can count on our 25 years of experience as we recommend the best application of temporary tank rentals for your specific site layout and requirements.

Our company has vast experience with installation in commercial areas. This enables us to answer questions about regulations of oil, diesel, and gas storage, and offer cost-effective solutions you may not have considered.

Definition and Facts Regarding Bulk Storage Containers

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provides guidance and an SPCC Inspection Fact Sheet for ASTs that contain oil of any kind, and how they are subject to the EPA's Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) regulation (40 CFR Part 112) – which refers to ASTs as bulk storage containers.

Federal Requirements for ASTs

The Federal Facilities Environmental Stewardship and Compliance Assistance Center (FedCenter) outlines Federal Requirements for ASTs – including sections that outline requirements for AST design, management, testing and monitoring, portable ASTs, and hazardous materials storage, and more.

Rental fuel tanks delivered to Boston, Massachusetts.How to Apply for an Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) Permit in Massachusetts

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts provides guidance on AST permits and inspection such as this:

  • 10,000 gallon or larger ASTs that store any other fluid than water must be permitted and inspected.
  • For construction or installation of new or used ASTs, a permit is required from the Office of the State Fire Marshal. Once installation is complete and inspection is successful, a tank use permit will be issued.   
  • Use permits must be renewed every 5 years, and owners must ensure that ASTs are maintained and inspected per approved standards. A maintenance permit is also required for certain types of work.
New Hampshire Rules for Aboveground Petroleum Storage Facilities

The State of New Hampshire provides Administrative Rules for NH Aboveground Petroleum Storage Facilities. These rules are designed to protect land and waters in NH from contamination due to improper handling and storage of oil as defined in RSA 146-A:2, III, which includes motor oil, heating oils, and other petroleum products, and outlines processes to register aboveground oil storage facilities, and standards to which these facilities and equipment must be designed, installed, operated, maintained and monitored.

Temporary fuel tank rental delivered to New Hampshire hospital.

Temporary fuel tank delivered and installed

Temporary Tank Installation Process

Foundation Requirements

We use a series of skids or saddles to create a solid foundation for the placement of temporary fuel tanks on uneven terrain.  Our experienced team will advise you of the best solutions for your projects.

Safety Requirements

We provide vehicle protection bollards and barriers for site-specific needs, as well as dikes and barricades for designated high traffic areas.  Some of our portable storage unit rentals are set up with forklift pockets and 4-point lifting eyes to facilitate on-site mobilization.

Fuel Deliveries and Dispensing Options

We maintain excellent partnerships with reputable oil and gas suppliers to ensure that each new auxiliary storage unit we set up is filled and fully operational, and that future fuel deliveries are coordinated.  All units are equipped with standard fill ports, so any oil or gas supplier can connect and fill them. Tanks can be delivered with a fuel dispensing unit to meet the specific needs of the application.

Fuel Transfer Services

We use transfer pumps to move heating oil or gas from back up storage to day-units that feed generators.

Temporary tank pipes installed on rental fuel tank.

Temporary tank pipes

Fuel Tank Projects for Several Situations & Events

Whether you need a temporary unit at a construction site, extra fuel for a backup generator in emergency events, or short-term coverage while replacing an existing back up unit, CommTank has the products, expertise, equipment and experience to keep your events or organization up and running without disruption.

Our team has earned an impeccable record of safe and successful support for these situations and industries:

  • Emergency / Disaster Relief
    • Gas fueling units for emergency vehicles and equipment
    • Diesel or gas backup fuel storage units for generators
    • Heating oil backup storage equipment
  • Any Type of Containment Maintenance Project
    • Whenever a primary container must be offline for maintenance events, we install a temporary one
  • Municipalities
    • Fueling police and fire department trucks, DPW yard equipment and vehicles
  • Hospitals
  • Temporary Medical Facilities
  • Commercial Properties
  • Shipping/Distribution Company Locations
  • Utilities
  • Construction Sites and Golf Courses
    • Gas dispensing units for trucks, equipment and golf carts
  • Property Management Firms
  • Schools / Universities
  • Golf Courses

Frequently Asked Questions

Fuel Tank Rental FAQs

CommTank will handle the mobilization and offloading. Alternative arrangements can be made on a case by case basis.

A concrete pad is required for permanent installations. Historically, municipalities have waived this requirement during a state of emergency. A reasonably leveled area is sufficient in most cases for a temporary tank set up. It is preferable, however, to install the temporary tank on top of concrete whenever possible.

In our experience, municipalities have waved this requirement during a state of emergency. Our staff is ready to assist with this research upon individual requests.

No. The leak detection, gauges and overfill are mechanical devices.

Yes, we can dispatch our experienced in-house crew of two tank installers/pipe-fitter to run the fuel lines from the tank to the generator. The fee for this service is outlined on our tank rental page.

Most fuel tanks are offloaded and mounted on a concrete surface. We do not carry trailer mounted fuel storage tanks at this time.

We have excellent relationships with business partners that we can recommend to provide fuel deliveries.

The rental fee can be adjusted if the tank is rented beyond 6 months.

Yes. We can provide a drawing with tank details, dimensions and accessories upon request.

According to NFPA 30A, the distance varies based on type and UL rating of the tank.

Tanks are equipped with standard fill ports and spill buckets, so that the tank can be filled by your fuel distributor.

Bollards or concrete barriers can be installed. The location of the fuel tank and the requirements of the local authorities will determine if protection is needed.

The tank size is based on the size (kw) of the generator. A general recommendation is to have enough fuel to run the generator for 72 hours at full load. Our staff is ready to assist with research and specification for each generator size and requirement.