Oil & Gas Tank Pump Out Service

Oil & Gas Tank Pump Out Service

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If you are looking for an oil tank pump out or fuel transfer service then we can provide the proven and safe method for accomplishing this. Our specialized combination truck was designed for pumping and transporting fuel. We hear about homeowners that siphon heating oil themselves or use the burner's pump to transfer fuel. While it may be an inexpensive way to move fuel, it is not the safest way to do the job.

Do you own a heating oil tank that is no longer in use but contains oil?

CommTank can pump out the fuel for you. Most oil suppliers will not take back fuel that has been stored in a tank because it is no longer deemed virgin oil. Water, silt, sludge, and microorganisms exist in most tanks and fuel entering this tank will mix with these contaminants. Some customers refer to this as “used oil” when they are looking for a pump out service.

Who would need a pump out service for an oil tank?

We typically receive calls from customers that are decommissioning one tank and moving the fuel to another. Another common call is for a leaking oil tank and the homeowner needs to remove the oil quickly before it becomes a spill. For these customers, we can perform an emergency pump out, and be there within 2 hours.

Oil tank draining and removal

Are you performing maintenance on your gasoline storage tank?

Not only do heating oil tanks require this service but also the fuel tanks in boats, aircraft, and emergency generators because of contamination or maintenance. A failure during tank testing is another possible use for this service. If you want to confirm a tank test result with no fuel in the tank before decommissioning, we can transfer the fuel to another tank on your site or pump it to a temporary tank that we provide.

If you have any questions, call us about pumping out your tank. We can give you a reimbursement for the fuel based on quantity, quality, and fuel type.

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