Oil Spill Cleanup Services

Oil Spill Cleanup Services

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Emergency oil spill cleanup is a service we pride ourselves on here at Commtank. Our HAZMAT trained personnel are experts in oil remediation and can handle any situation, from the containment of an incidental oil spill, to a full-scale emergency.

Oil spills can cost thousands of dollars in damage and repairs. This is why stopping the oil spill as soon as possible is crucial for properly treating an emergency oil spill site. Our teams have been trained in 24-hour emergency response procedures, and are well educated in the proper techniques for containing and cleaning an emergency oil spill.

With a trained technician on site, we can work to close off necessary valves, plug and patch holes, or transfer the contents of a leaking tank into a sound one. By containing the oil spill early on, our teams can efficiently and effectively remediate the spill area and quickly work to make your home safe again.

Our Oil Spill Cleanup Process

  • Crews arrive on site and immediately begin to contain the oil spill
    • Reducing oil spill migration is the biggest concern; teams work to stop entry into water systems by blocking access to drains, sumps, and sewer lines.
  • Upon containment, crews recover excess oil
    • Squeegees, pads, and explosion proof vacuums are just some of the tools used in properly cleaning an oil spill.
  • Testing must be done in a variety of ways to ensure oil levels are below state requirements.
    • Soil testing must always be done to account for ground oil levels
    • Air quality testing much be performed if there has been an indoor oil release
    • Water analysis must be performed if there are indicators that the oil spill has reached the water table.
  • Testing and remediation must continue on a case-by-case basis until quality standards mandated by the state have been met.

Our crews include trained plumbers and burner techs that can ensure the safety of your home and families following the emergency oil spill. A supervisor is always there to talk with emergency officials and to make critical decisions. Making sure your home is safe to occupy by ventilating it and sealing off living areas from the contaminants is very important to us. Keeping you in your home after your emergency is our number one goal.

For over 20 years oil delivery companies in Massachusetts and New Hampshire have referred us to their customers when they require an oil spill cleanup. They count on us to clean up the oil spill and get their customer’s heating systems back on line. Review our references page to see if your oil delivery company is one of our partners.

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