Residential Aboveground Tank Removals

Residential Aboveground Tank Removals

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If you have an aboveground oil tank, you may not know there's anything wrong with it by looking at it. That's because aboveground storage tanks can corrode from the inside out, so problems aren't always visible. Even painting it doesn't protect it from leaks if the corrosion is on the inside surface.

How You Can Tell Your Tank Is Leaking

How can you tell if your aboveground storage tank is leaking? If the tank is old, check for visible oil stains on the underbelly of the tank, which may be caused by loose fittings or by overfilling the tank. Some people try to patch or repair leaking tanks themselves. Unfortunately, a leak is a sign that the tank has outlived its usefulness and needs to be replaced before major problems develop. Often, removing the tank is the best solution.

Aboveground Tank Removal Services

CommTank will get the job done, and done right. Our expertise is aboveground tank removals in Massachusetts – we've been doing it for more than 25 years. We have the experience to tackle the toughest and tightest jobs, and are committed to making every customer 100% happy with our work. Our licensed, professional technicians are exceptionally skilled at their jobs, and they're prompt, courteous and always willing to answer your questions. Because they know your time is valuable, they'll get in and out fast without missing a detail. For examples of our work please see the oil tank removal projects section of our web site.

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