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CommTank provides dependable rental equipment and storage tanks for a wide variety of uses, situations, and timeframes. Utilities as well as private and public commercial/industrial clients across several industries rent CommTank equipment to gain uninterrupted support of their facilities, processes, employees and customers.

Our Streamlined Rental Process

CommTank makes it easy and convenient to rent our well-maintained rental products. Simply contact us to discuss your needs or obtain a quote. We promptly deliver and set up the equipment, ensure its proper operation with your site representative, and remove it from your site when you no longer need it.


Spot Cooler Rentals

CommTank maintains portable spot coolers for short-term or long-term rental. Our spot coolers provide reliable climate control of rooms, facilities, and temporary structures for several commercial, industrial, and residential applications. Spot coolers help to keep people cool and comfortable, and maintain proper temperatures for mission-critical facilities such as biomedical labs, data centers, hospitals, and more. 

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Temporary Building Heater Rentals

CommTank maintains temporary building heaters for short-term or long-term rental.  Indirect oil heaters produce 100% clean heat via a heat exchanger. The high efficiency airflow provides a rapid increase in temperature and maintains the user’s desired temperature setting.  Indirect oil heaters are typically used at construction sites or in temporarily unoccupied spaces. They can also be safely used in occupied spaces, since all combustion byproducts are vented outside.

Applications for Temporary Building Heaters:

  • Concrete Curing
  • Painting and Sandblasting
  • Temporary Industrial Heating
  • Occupied Offices/Warehouses
  • Emergency Heating
  • Tent Heating
  • Equipment Preheating

Frost Fighter IDF 350 Series Rental

CommTank offers the Frost Fighter IDF 350 Series for short or long-term rental. Frost Fighter has set the standard in the design, engineering and manufacturing of the most reliable portable climate control systems for over 35 years. Key features of this oil/diesel fired product include environmental spill containment on the tank, GenySis controller for easy troubleshooting access, and a fully insulated jacket for increased safety and higher temperature rise.

Portable Warm Air Furnace Rentals

CommTank maintains 500 BTU portable warm air furnaces for short-term or long-term rental.

Gas Fired Boiler Rentals

CommTank builds and maintains 1M BTU gas-fired boilers for short-term or long-term rental.

Temporary Above Ground Fuel Storage Tank Rentals

CommTank rents several sizes of above ground fuel tanks that power backup generators during emergency situations or facility maintenance events that require backup power for several days. Our rental fuel tanks help maintain our clients’ safe and uninterrupted use of their facility and critical equipment during an emergency.

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Frac Tank Rentals

Frac tanks are above ground storage tanks, available in several sizes, typically used to temporarily store water or contaminated water that’s pumped from groundwater pits or flooded areas before it can be transported to an offsite treatment and disposal facility.

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Submersible Pump Rentals

CommTank rents submersible pumps that benefit customers during floods or other emergency situations to pump out water from areas such as flooded rooms, basements, catch basins, drains, groundwater pits.