Oil Line Upgrade Services

As of September 30, 2011 your home heating system equipment should have been updated to comply with state laws regarding oil lines. Conduits buried in concrete floors are no longer acceptable practice. Current industry practice is to run two polyester coated copper lines overhead (ceiling) from the furnace to the oil storage tank. Another option is to install a single fuel line from the tank and connect it to a Tiger Loop. The Tiger Loop allows the fuel pump to circulate so the pump doesn't work as hard. Installing an oil safety valve can be used as an alternative to replacing your fuel lines. This would prevent the siphoning of your oil tank and meet current code, however, we recommend replacing the lines to provide the best protection.

Roth manufactured oil tanks now require vent pipes to be larger than the fill pipe. This step insures that the tank will not become pressurized during the filling of the tank. Not only is it a safety issue, it's required for coverage under Roth's warranty and oil spill insurance. At CommTank we recommend the same installation for steel oil tanks to minimize stress on the tank welds. If you have a Roth or Granby oil tank we can upgrade the vent pipes to the larger diameter.

CommTank is an licensed installer of oil tank lines. We have 20-years of industry experience connecting oil tanks to furnaces and boilers in Massacchusetts. Call us for a free on-site evaluation to determine if your heating system meets the current oil burning equipment regulations.