Storage Tank Management Program

Storage Tank Management Program

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Storage tank management programs offer a full service alternative to tracking regulations and managing underground storage tank maintenance. Facility managers can minimize enforcement actions, while ensuring all their UST systems and operators are certified. Because our staff has expertise in the installation and repair of a wide variety of tank systems, from heating oil, to water, to gasoline tanks and pump sets, we can coordinate and execute a management program for all the tanks in your facility.

CommTank will work with you to design a tank management program customized to your components and requirements, whether you need complete coverage or simply training and support for your staff, we can meet your needs and keep you in compliance with Massachusetts 310 CMR 80 and New Hampshire Env-Or 400 storage tank code codes.

Storage Tank Management Programs  

  • Monthly Walk-through Inspection
  • Automatic Tank Gauge Certification
  • Overfill Protection Testing
  • Tank Leak Detection Testing
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Record Keeping
  • Class C Operator Training
  • UST Tightness Testing
  • Line Tightness Testing
  • Stage I testing
  • Fuel testing
  • Calibration

Keep up with Regulation Changes

Staying on top of storage tank regulation changes ensures timely implementation of new requirements. We will inform you of any regulatory updates and work with you to create a cost effective plan to ensure compliance. By utilizing our storage tank management program, you can ensure the UST system at your facility is being operated and maintained properly.

Underground storage tank laws require monthly visual inspections be conducted by or under the direction of the Class A or B operator at all UST facilities in Massachusetts and New Hampshire . At least one employee that has primary responsibility for operating and maintaining the facility must attend UST Operator Training to be in observance with release prevention and release detection measures specified by each State. As part of our storage tank management program we act as your Class A or B operator and perform those inspections for you. Also, every Class C Operator will be trained within 10 days of their assuming responsibilities for leak detection alarms, emergency shut-off switches and emergency procedures.

Eliminate Risk of Enforcement Actions

Compliance inspections are conducted by the Massachusetts and New Hampshire environmental divisions to determine the UST facility’s conformity with underground storage tank regulations. A red tag will be installed on non-compliant UST systems if a deficiency is not corrected within 24-hours of being notified of the problem. A facility that is found to lack specific components that are essential to preventing leaks and responding to releases will be “red-tagged” and could be subjected to administrative fines of up to $2,000 per violation. These key components are spill buckets, overfill prevention equipment, corrosion protection, and leak detection equipment.

Piping Standards for UST Systems

Leak detection requirements for UST systems can cause confusion due to complex pumping and piping configurations. The date of installation (before or after April 11, 2016) and the system type (pressurized or suction) are two parts of the equation. The main difference for pressurized or suction systems installed after April 11, 2016 is the requirement of secondary containment with interstitial monitoring. If the system doesn’t have secondary containment with interstitial monitoring it must be monitored monthly or have periodic (triennial for suction or annual for pressurized) line tests performed. We also recommend annual testing of level switches in day tanks/generator base tanks and the backup pumps in dual pump sets. These tests can prevent overfill conditions if a sensor or failover switch fails due to age.

Our project managers and technicians have the knowledge and training to understand complex leak detection requirements and respond to alarm conditions. When a sensor detects product or goes into alarm, we guarantee emergency response to determine the source and correct the problem.

 If you have questions regarding the requirements for your storage tank or piping system, please contact us at 1-800-628-8260 or by email us.