Storage Tank Repair

Storage Tank Repair

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CommTank is a storage tank repair company that specializes in tank maintenance and repair solutions for aboveground and underground storage tanks for clients throughout New England.

Our storage tank restoration solutions include tank inspection programs for aboveground and underground tanks; storage tank management programs; and comprehensive tank repair options.

As storage tank repair contractors, we are industry experts with 25+ years of experience performing specification and installation of lining systems and coating systems that provide corrosion resistance.

Aboveground water tank repair

The damaged section of a tank is repaired by welding a new steel plate.

Tank owners rely on our tank repair crews for tank repairs and maintenance that enhances tank longevity.

Storage tanks we repair include a wide range of single-walled and double-walled steel storage tanks, fiberglass, and concrete above-ground storage tanks. We restore both bolted and welded tanks. Our turnkey services ensure tank maintenance quality and consistency.

Industrial Tank Repair Services

Tank replacement of industrial storage tanks is becoming increasingly costly. Storage tank repairs are a cost-effective and regulatory-compliant solution for most tank owners. Industrial tank repairs performed by a reputable storage tank restoration company can quickly restore cracked and leaking storage tanks with minimal disruption to your operations.

Proactive measures such as cathodic protection systems installation can protect tanks by reducing the rate of internal and external corrosion.

CommTank Industrial Storage Tank Repair Services:

  • Tank Inspections (Dry Tank Inspections, Coating Inspection, Visual inspection)
  • Leak Detection Systems Inspection
  • Roof Repair or Roof Replacements
  • Tank Shell Repairs
  • Tank Base Sealing / Tank Bottom Patches / Tank Bottom Replacement
  • Coating Testing, Coating Removal, Coating Repair, Coating Testing
  • Composite Repairs for FRP tank systems & other composite materials
  • Asphalt Tank Repair
  • Bolted Steel Storage Tank Repair
  • Chemical Storage Tank Repair
  • Pressure Tank Repair
  • Repairs of Exterior Ladders & Stairways
  • Tank Relocation according to tank standards
  • Repair of Nozzles, Manways & Accessories
  • Tank Jacking & Leveling
  • Tank Capacity Expansion
  • Annual Tank Cleaning
  • API Tank Maintenance
  • Hydrostatic Testing & Ultrasonic Testing
  • Cathodic Protection Systems installation

Storage Tank Repair Projects

View our storage tank repair projects and proven storage tank restoration processes. Then ask for a service quote for your specific needs! We rate highly among storage tank repair companies and proudly serve New England.

Industrial Food Waste Digester Repair

Concrete Cistern Repair

Data Center Generator Base Tank Testing and Repair

Types of Damage that Requires Repair of Storage Tanks

Types of tank damages that require tank repair solutions include:

  • Corrosion damages to tank interiors and exterior surfaces
  • Environmental damages and contamination caused by tank product leaks
  • Wall damage, Tank floor, and Tank roof damage
  • Damages to rubber linings and epoxy linings
  • Product leaks or damaged leak detection components
  • Tank cracks, fractures, and delamination of FRP Tanks

Tank Types We Service

This concrete repair requires grout around the perimeter of the culvert

We service several types of tanks, from tank farms with complex requirements for repairs, to a wide range of AST and UST types, shapes and sizes. For each tank repair service, we provide tank owners with an Outcome Report that documents the steps used in the repair and our recommendations for continued tank maintenance.

Storage Tank Types that CommTank Services:

  • Variety of steel tanks (Carbon steel storage tanks, Bolted steel tanks, Stainless steel tanks)
  • Chemical storage tanks (Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP), stainless steel, and concrete)
  • Biohazard Storage Tanks
  • Water storage tanks (Potable water tanks)
  • Secondary containment tanks
  • Carbon Fiber tanks
  • Fuel Tanks (Crude Oil Tanks, Petroleum storage tanks)
  • Hydrocarbon Storage Tanks
  • Fire Suppression Tanks
  • Linen Wash Tanks
  • Food Storage Tanks / Food Waste Digesters
  • Field-fabricated steel tanks
  • Wastewater storage tanks
  • Process tanks

Industries We Serve with Tank Repair Solutions

CommTank provides tank repair solutions for a wide range of industries. Our storage tank maintenance services support mission-critical clients including Power generation facilities, Oil and Gas Chemical Manufacturing, Airports, Biomedical facilities, Municipal facilities, Manufacturers, Chemical Storage facilities, Food storage facilities, Wastewater Treatment Plants, and more.

Licenses & Certifications

CommTank maintains contractor licenses, where required, in every New England State we serve. We maintain STI SP001 Aboveground Tank System Inspector Certification and American Petroleum Institute API-653 designations. Our highly-trained technicians are expert operators of specialty equipment for the application of coating systems. Our team has earned scaffolding certification, and our welders are American Welding Society (AWS) certified.