Aboveground Tank Repair

Aboveground Tank Repair

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Aboveground Storage Tank Repair and Maintenance

CommTank is an experienced storage tank repair company with over 25 years of experience in aboveground and underground storage tank coating, lining, and repair. We are industry experts in the installation of lining and coating systems in New England. We repair a wide variety of single-walled, double-walled, steel, fiberglass, and concrete above-ground storage tanks. Replacing a storage tank is becoming more expensive and tank repair is a cost-effective solution for many owners. We can quickly repair cracked and leaking storage tanks to ensure the absolute minimum disruption for your business.

Aboveground water tank repair

The damaged section of a tank is repaired by welding a new steel plate.

CommTank restores both bolted and welded tanks. Our crews will repair your storage tank with minimal downtime and secure your tank's integrity for many years. Non-destructive testing (NDT) technologies help us determine the thickness of bottom, shell, and roof plates. Storage tank floors are a common point of failure. Areas highlighted as thin due to metal loss are prepped by sandblasting and grinding. Our American Welding Society (AWS) certified welders install replacement steel plates and components to restore the tank and increase its lifespan.

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) tanks can develop cracks, fractures, and delamination. Improper installation techniques may cause punctures, tears, or crushed cores. Cracks in fiberglass tanks are filled solid with fiberglass and then coated with resin and fabric. Punctures or holes are repaired using epoxy putty and laminating epoxy. An important factor in fiberglass tank repair is matching the resin to the one used by the manufacturer. Polyester, vinyl ester, and epoxy are the three widely used resin types. Vinyl ester is commonly used in fuel and chemical storage tank construction and provides thermal stability, high durability, and high corrosion resistance. Polyester resins are used in the automotive and marine industries. Polyester does not offer as much strength and corrosion resistance. Epoxy is used in racing, military, and aerospace applications. It’s more sensitive to temperature/moisture variations and requires a complex mix ratio, but provides high mechanical strength and bond.

This concrete repair requires grout around the perimeter of the culvert

Technician injects a chemical grout into Zerk fittings to seal off water infiltration.

Concrete tanks are repaired using a system of plug and repair grout, though typically installed from the positive side of the hydrostatic pressure, we can perform these repairs from either the positive or negative side. Linings are applied to all surfaces utilizing a high-strength, fiber-reinforced, microsilica enhanced concrete coating. Ultrasonic testing is used to demonstrate the integrity of concrete repairs. A pulse wave is introduced into the surface and any flaws are reflected to a receiving transducer. The test is effective at identifying voids and poor quality patches within the concrete. An outcome report is provided to document the steps used in the repair and recommendations for the continued maintenance of the tank.

Types of Storage Tanks We Repair:

  • Petroleum Storage Tanks
  • Chemical Storage Tanks
  • Fire Suppression Tanks
  • Linen Wash Tanks
  • Food Storage Tanks
  • Food Waste Digesters
  • Potable Water Tanks