Tank Painting and Coating Services

Tank Painting and Coating Services

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CommTank provides complete painting and coating services for Aboveground Storage Tanks (ASTs) and secondary containment. Surface preparation is critical to achieving the maximum level of protection available through protective coating systems. CommTank’s rigorous AST coating preparation includes:

  • Surface sanding, grinding, dry ice or dry abrasive blasting
  • Pre-coating surface cleaning and degreasing
  • Dust and debris control and cleanup

CommTank’s professional storage tank coating application includes:

  • Identify conditions specific to your AST that accelerate corrosion and select precise coatings to guard against those conditions
  • Control moisture and temperature during coating application and curing
  • Professionally manage the safety hazards involved in coating operations and maintain worker safety practices
  • Ensure that all requirements of the AST manufacturer are met

After all coatings have cured CommTank performs holiday testing using a high-voltage detector in accordance with NACE RP-01-88. A properly applied lining should provide a service life of 10-to-20 years so it is critical to confirm that there are no thin or uncoated areas.

CommTank crew apply a final coat of epoxy to the roof of this water storage tank

Aboveground Storage Tank Coating Applications

  • Heating Oil Tanks
  • Diesel Oil Tanks
  • Gasoline Tanks
  • Propane Tanks
  • Kerosene Tanks
  • Chemical Storage Tanks
  • Potable Water Tanks
  • Sprinkler System Water Tanks
  • Cooling Tower Water Storage Tanks
  • Condensate Tanks
  • Fractionation Tanks

Applying polyurea over gravel AST containment

Types of Industrial Tank Coatings Installed

  • Polyurea / Elastomer
  • High Temp Epoxy
  • Marine Epoxy
  • Potable Water Epoxy
  • Flake Filled Epoxy
  • High Solids Polyurethane
  • Acrylic Polyurethanes
  • Alkyd Enamel
  • Vinyl Ester Lining

Final coat of polyamide epoxy

CommTank employees are thoroughly trained in the proper methods of inspecting tank linings and coatings, preparing tank surfaces, and installing industrial and marine protective coatings and lining systems.

For examples of our work please see the tank painting and coating projects section of our web site.

Contact us today to discuss how CommTank can protect your tank investment and to schedule a tank coating inspection: 1-800-628-8260