Oil Tank Remediation Services

Oil Tank Remediation Services

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An oil spill can create havoc for property owners. Not only can a cleanup cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, but it can also contaminate the property, the groundwater, the air, and cause significant health problems. The quicker you address the situation, the better the outcome. Swift action will help you to:

  • Maintain your property value
  • Protect against lawsuits
  • Minimize your cleanup costs and compliance fees
  • Address the problem before it worsens
  • Comply with Massachusetts environmental laws

If the oil spill is not contained and it has seeped into the groundwater, an environmental investigation would be required, which includes collecting soil and groundwater samples, as well as cleanup of contaminated soil and/or groundwater. An assessment of the indoor air must also be performed to determine whether remaining concentrations of contaminants pose a health threat. This assessment requires specialized equipment, which would help to determine if inhaling petroleum vapors may cause short- and long-term health effects.

Thorough Tank Remediation Services

CommTank’s remediation professionals provide the technical capabilities and operational expertise to manage both small and large scale environmental projects. Our multidisciplinary staff provides result-oriented systems and programs, incorporating both off-site removal and on-site treatment, as needed. Our staff has extensive experience in bioremediation, in-situ chemical oxidation, groundwater treatment, soil vapor extraction, and high vacuum extraction. We also provide services such as soil sampling, groundwater monitoring well installation, and indoor air sampling.  

  • Emergency Response Service
  • Water and Indoor Air Sampling/Treatment
  • Mobile Drilling Service

With CommTank, most cleanups are completed in four months or less. Before we initiate a cleanup, the process starts with a preliminary assessment of the oil contamination, a comprehensive site assessment of the nature and extent of the oil contamination and the risk it poses, and an analysis of your cleanup options. If equipment is needed for excavation, don't worry, we typically leave your property cleaner then we found it.