Third Party Underground Tank Inspection Services

Third Party Underground Tank Inspection Services

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Many states, including Massachusetts and New Hampshire, implemented a third party tank inspection program as mandated by the EPA, in which owners of underground storage tanks (USTs) employ a third party inspector to examine their system. As specified in the program outline, all underground storage tank systems are required to be checked once every three years after the initial inspection.

CommTank has a trained third party tank inspector on staff that will work closely with your business to ensure that all regulatory requirements are met in a timely and economical manner. We have been approved by the Massachusetts Operational Services Division to perform third party inspections and provide an audit report because of our knowledge and expertise in the industry.

Third Party Tank Inspection Outline

The Third Party Inspector verifies that the owner/operator possesses the following documents:

  • A current license for the storage of flammable and combustible liquids issued by the local licensing authority under M.G.L c. 148, § 13, if applicable
  • A valid permit issued pursuant to 527 CMR 9.00, to maintain a new or existing UST facility
  • A current, accurate and valid UST registration form (Form FP-290)
  • Copies of the manufacturer’s operating instructions for all leak detection, tank monitoring and corrosion protection systems
  • Current inspection/testing records for all leak detection, tank monitoring and corrosion protection systems
  • Evidence of financial responsibility
  • Records of any release reporting and investigation
  • Permanent or temporary closure records

The Third Party Inspector conducts an inspection of the following UST system components in accordance with the equipment manufacturer’s inspection/testing instructions and sound industry practices:

  • Appropriate and operational corrosion protection (if applicable)
  • Overfill prevention in place and operational
  • Spill prevention in place and operational
  • Tank and piping release detection is appropriate, in place and operational
  • Secondary containment is in place (if applicable) and operational

The third party tank inspector records the results of the document verification, and the inspection on a form or in a format approved by the Massachusetts DEP. This form shall be signed under the pains and penalties of perjury.

The Third Party Inspector transmits one copy of the inspection form to the Head of the Fire Department and one copy to the Massachusetts DEP within 14 business days from the completion of the inspection.

For examples of our work please see the third party inspection projects section of our website.


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