Underground Tank Locating Services

Underground Tank Locating Services

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Our underground tank locating service is a practical and effective oil tank detection resource that can benefit any residential or commercial real estate transaction.  Fuel oil storage for many older home and business properties was originally in underground tanks.  When these tanks reached the end of their use, their outdated technology was replaced by aboveground tanks. Records of where and how to size and locate underground storage tanks on these properties do not often exist.  For customers’ home and commercial properties without tank location records, CommTank’s quality underground tank locating services can resolve this issue.

How to Locate Underground Storage Tanks

CommTank’s reliable method for how to locate underground storage tanks is proven to be effective.

We use special equipment for underground tank location to search each property and carefully identify any areas where oil tank detection is likely.

When our underground tank locator equipment indicates the potential location of an underground oil tank, our experienced environmental technicians physically mark these areas of the property.

One last step in our process of how to locate underground storage tanks is to issue a comprehensive written analysis of our underground tank locator findings. This valuable report is based on a range of reliable data and details regarding oil tank detection from our technician’s field report.

Technology for Underground Oil Tank Scanning and Pipe Locating Technology

CommTank owns and uses one of the most advanced underground oil tank locator devices available in the industry today. This specialized product of oil tank sweep technology allows for price effective reliability in identifying underground storage tanks and suspicious metal areas at each site.

Utility Locator Using Active and Passive Transmission

Applications for a Utility Locator include instances when tanks still have piping connected to them. A signal is transmitted through aboveground piping to assist a directional antenna with following it to the underground tank.

Magnetic Locator for oil tank scanning on a property

The choice of using a Magnetic Locator is limited to searches for metal piping and tanks, and is accurate to 15 ft.

GPR Tank Sweep - Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

A GPR tank sweep with ground penetrating radar (GPR) is not commonly requested for locating underground tanks and piping; however, some insurance companies require it. Please let our customer service representative know if you require a GPR tank sweep. An additional fee for this service covers our comprehensive data review and formatting of the Outcome Report.

GPR Tank Sweep Benefits

Oil tank scanning with GPR provides accurate oil tank detection. This method of oil tank sweep provides the most detail when searching a property for an underground tank and piping. This underground tank locator service is also capable of providing a 3D model of a property.