Underground Tank Repairs and Upgrades

Underground Tank Repairs and Upgrades

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CommTank is your one source and best choice for complete tank upgrade and repair services that ensure your underground tanks remain safe and operational for a long time. Tank equipment maintenance is the most cost-effective alternative to complete tank replacement. Our state-approved tank inspector ensures that proper safety and spill prevention components are installed.

Customers use storage tanks for products such as petroleum oil, water, food, chemicals, linen wash, and fire suppression.

Structural and Leak Repairs in Underground Storage Tanks

Applications for CommTank’s underground storage tank restoration and repair services include steel, fiberglass, and concrete underground tanks.  Customer applications for use range from generator power for home use or business use, to a variety of commercial uses.

Our price range for this level of technology and service is backed by a 15-year warranty on the workmanship and labor of the repairs that we perform. Once your tank repairs are finalized we will test to confirm that it meets the original manufacturer's test specifications. All our work conforms to federal, state, and local fire code regulations.  Whatever equipment size or type you need to power, from a generator to a building, Whether your storage tank needs structural stringers or crack repairs and a new gel coat, repairing your tank is often your best choice solution when price or existing infrastructure prohibits tank removal and replacement.

Types of Underground Storage Tanks We Repair

  • Petroleum Storage Tanks
  • Chemical Storage Tanks
  • Fire Suppression Tanks
  • Linen Wash Tanks
  • Food Storage Tanks
  • Potable Water Tanks


CommTank has a skilled and experienced crew on staff that will repair or replace most common storage tank components. These parts include spill buckets, containment sumps, fuel monitoring systems, and double-wall pipes. CommTank will furnish your tank with all necessary upgrades with minimal impact on your business operation.

Below are some of the common tank components that we replace and repair:

  • Spill Buckets
  • Tank Sumps
  • Dispenser Containment Sumps
  • Top Seal Adaptors
  • Overfill Prevention Valves
  • Drop Tubes for Fill Riser Pipes
  • Manholes and Tank Manways
  • Test Boots and Fittings
  • Underground Piping Systems
  • Double Wall Containment

Tank Sump Repair

If your secondary containment tank sump is letting in water or letting fuel out it can be damaging to your fuel system or the environment around the underground tank. CommTank can repair or replace your tank sump if it’s not performing as expected. Water buildup in your tank sump can corrode tank components like submersible pumps, manways, vent alarms, gauges, interstitial sensor housings, test fittings, ball valves, and unions. Leaky gaskets or improperly fitted covers can let sand and salt intrude which corrodes metal more rapidly. Frequently a sump repair can involve simply replacing a gasket or boot. Having a clean and dry tank sump can provide easy access for future tests and repairs to the tank.

Overspill Containment Buckets

Overspill containment buckets, or spill buckets as they are more commonly referred to, are important components of an underground tank. The spill bucket can prevent a release of fuel into the ground during a normal fuel delivery, or catch the fuel during an accidental overfill. A well-designed spill bucket will also prevent groundwater from entering the containment area. CommTank can upgrade or repair your spill bucket so that your fuel deliveries are safe and drips/leaks are contained.

Dispenser Containment Sumps

Dispenser Sumps are installed beneath fuel dispensers to provide access to shear valves and piping connections. They also provide secondary containment for the dispenser in case of a component leak. CommTank installs dispenser containment sumps as part of a new fuel dispenser installation or, when needed, for upgrading an old or faulty sump.

Underground Piping Systems, Double Wall Containment, and Adaptors

Tank fuel supply piping and fuel pipe adapters are the equipment most commonly upgraded on underground tanks. Due to exposure to water or moisture in the air, fuel tank piping can rust if not properly protected. Water in spill buckets can cause fill pipe corrosion, which may cause seizing of the seal adapter and drop tube. In order to prevent the seizing of pipe adapters, it is important to install metals that are dissimilar. CommTank installs quality brass or aluminum parts. Many older tanks have single-wall piping that connects the underground tank to the oil burner, boiler, or generator tank. This piping must be upgraded to double-wall piping to protect against line leaks and spills. CommTank can replace top seal adapters and drop tubes or upgrade the underground tank piping so that your tank meets current state requirements for secondary containment piping. We can retrofit most underground tanks so it meets the new regulations in your area.

For examples of our work please see the underground tank repair and upgrade projects section of our website.


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