UST Class A/B Operator Services

UST Class A/B Operator Services

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CommTank offers Class A/B Operator services to provide monthly inspections and ensure compliance to Massachusetts 310 CMR 80 and New Hampshire RSA 146-C. If you manage a facility that has regulated underground storage tanks and don’t have qualified staff to operate your equipment, we can supply the expertise you need. Each facility with an underground storage tank (UST) system, (ie: service station, fleet fuel dispenser, public works department), is required to have a Class A/B and Class C operator designated for the facility. However, the designated Class A and/or Class B Operator can be employed by a company that is different than the facility owner. CommTank’s certified UST operators perform monthly inspections for many of our clients and train their Class C Operators. When a Class A/B operator is not present, a trained Class C operator must be on-site to respond to alarms and emergency conditions. Our certified UST Class A/B Operators provide the following services:

Operator A & B Service

  • Provide an UST Operator A/B inspection service in accordance with Massachusetts 310 CMR 80 and New Hampshire RSA 146-C. 
  • Perform a monthly site visit to review documentation of the leak detection system for the underground storage tank and components. 
  • Provide a monthly report in accordance with 310 CMR 80.35 or RSA 146-C:19 with findings and recommendations.  

Operator C Training

  • Develop a site specific form with items that should be inspected on a regular basis. 
  • Create emergency spill procedures specific to the site.  
  • Train the “C Operator”. 
  • Document that the “C Operator” has been properly trained on the UST system layout, delivery procedures, routine inspections, emergency spill procedures and response to alarms.

In addition to the visual monthly underground storage tank inspections the table below is an example of a maintenance schedule compiled for a customer with multiple underground tanks on site. 

Maintenance Schedule Example for Regulated USTs

Tank Capacity and Construction2,000-gallon double walled fibreglass reinforced plastic8,000-gallon double walled fibreglass reinforced plastic4,000-gallon double walled coated steel in vault 20,000-gallon double walled cathodically protected steel
Tank Leak Detection Usedinterstitial space monitor interstitial space monitor in tank monitor interstitial space monitor
Piping SystemPressurizedSuction: Non-EuropeanSuction: EuropeanSuction: Non-European
Product Storedgasolinedieseldieseldiesel
Equipment Suppliedvehiclesemergency generatorboilergenerator & day tank
Line Leak Detection TestingYes (required every year) Yes (required every year) NoYes (required every year)
Overfill Protection TestingYes (required every year) Yes (required every year) Yes (required every year) Yes (required every year)
Tank Leak Detection TestingYes (required every year) Yes (required every year) Yes (required every year) Yes (required every year)
Cathodic Protection TestNoNoSacrificial anode (required very three years)Impressed current (required every year
Third Party InspectionYes (required every 3 years) Yes (required every 3 years) Yes (required every 3 years) Yes (required every 3 years)
Spill Bucket TestingYes (required every 5 years) Yes (required every 5 years) Yes (required every 5 years) Yes (required every 5 years)
Stage I TestingYes (required every year) NoNoNo
Day Tank/ ControlsNoNoNoYes (annual test recommended)
Pump Set TestingNoNoYesYes
Fuel TestingNoYes (annual test recommended)NoYes (annual test recommended)

CommTank has a number of customers that rely on our services for the installation, replacement and maintenance of their petroleum equipment. Most recently the Department of Veterans Affairs VA Boston Healthcare System exercised their option to extend in year 3 of a 5 year contract for monthly A/B services at the VA Medical Center in Bedford, MA. We have also provided repairs and other services to the underground storage tanks at this facility. CommTank is in the second year of a three year contract with the Massachusetts Water Resource Authority (MWRA) providing monthly inspections, repair and emergency on call services at thirty three underground and aboveground storage tanks and fueling system facilities. With over twenty years of experience, we have the training and qualifications to manage any underground storage tank configuration.

For more information on regulations, policies & compliance go to the Massachusetts or New Hampshire UST owner & operator programs.