Veeder Root Testing and Certification

Veeder Root Testing and Certification

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CommTank is certified to install, program, and service the TLS-450, TLS-350 and TLS-300 series of aboveground storage tank and underground storage tank monitoring systems. The release detection system is calibrated according to the manufacture’s specifications during the recertification process. Thermistors and probes are also checked in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Tank monitoring system recertification is required on regulated underground storage tanks by Massachusetts and New Hampshire annually and test results must be submitted by the owner.

After CommTank tests and inspects your tank monitoring system, the owner will receive a report that covers the following components:

  • In-Tank Testing
  • Probe
  • Interstitial Sensors
  • Containment Sensors
  • Dispenser Sensors

You can find automatic tank gauging system information, compliance information to help meet federal UST regulatory requirements, links to state regulatory authorities, and additional UST information at the EPA’s Office of Underground Storage Tanks website at

For examples of our work please see the Veeder-Root testing and certification projects section of our website.

If you are interested in scheduling calibration, maintenance, a third-party evaluation, or just need technical support. Please call us a 1-800-628-8260.