I am so impressed with your company!

Customer Name: Paul O.
Town/State: North Attleboro, Massachusetts

Our office staff was knowledgeable and answered your questions: Excellent
Our team accommodated your scheduling needs: Excellent
Our service technicians were neat and courteous: Excellent
The work was completed in the estimated time: Excellent
The condition of your property after our job was: Excellent
Your overall satisfaction of services provided was: Excellent
May we publish your comment: Yes


I am so impressed with your company! The service we received from the minute I called until installation was amazing! The technicians arrived on time and knew exactly what to do. The oil from the old tank was removed and filtered outwards and filtered back into the new tank. The old tank from 1963 was disassembled and removed and a new Roth tank was installed with new pipes and oil lines. The installation was seamless and neat. My basement and yard were completely cleaned from debris. The prices were extremely comparable with others. But note, some other companies do not filter the oil! If you’re looking for a professional organization this is the company to call.

the oil tank to be removed

The old tank was installed in 1963.

Roth Tank Replacement

The new Roth Tank is installed.

Oil tank piping on a Roth Tank

A close-up view of the new piping.

oil tank fill and vent piping

The new fill and vent piping are installed.

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