I am glad I found CommTank because they seemed to have the most quality product and service for the best price

Customer Name: Martin G.
Town/State: Randolph, MA

Our office staff was knowledgeable and answered your questions: Excellent
Our team accommodated your scheduling needs: Excellent
Our service technicians were neat and courteous: Excellent
The work was completed in the estimated time: Excellent
The condition of your property after our job was: Excellent
Your overall satisfaction of services provided was: Excellent
May we publish your comment: Yes


I did some research on Tanks after our oil company told us that based on the age of our tank that we should plan on replacing it, although its appearance showed no sign of decay and no signs of leaks. The following month when we ordered oil, I was told that our account was flagged for non-delivery until the tank was replaced.

Sale Process:
CommTank was one of the first companies to respond to my request for a quote and arrived the next business day. They answered all my questions about Tank types, warranty periods, etc... and their quote for the 30-year warranty 275 Roth was better than my oil company's quote for the 10-year warranty 240 Granby; my oil company had told me that the Roth's would not fit in the space.

Dave S., the salesperson, arrived, measured and listed the tank sizes that would fit in the space. He gave me two quotes (one for the 10 yr. Granby and one for the 30yr Roth which was a little more than the Granby). He let me know that their current scheduling during the Christmas holidays meant it would be about two weeks for installation.

He did a walk-through with me to show where the Tank would come in through the bulkhead doors and recommended areas near interior doors to clear to ensure ease of removal of the old tank and installation of the new one. Because the installation date was two weeks away, I had some time to clear the areas. During that wait time, the staff was very friendly and kept me informed throughout the process of making the deposit and selecting the scheduled date and time. They gave me a heads-up call two days before the delivery date.

Moises P. lead the installation.
These guys were professional, neat, friendly and fast. They arrived on time, explained everything before they began, pumped and filtered the old fuel out, cut the old tank in half and removed it, replaced all pipes and installed a new line; all while answering any questions I had throughout the process. They also left the area very neat and clean. He also made sure to remind me to register the tank with the Roth company (which I was able to do online).

NOTE: I had some doubts about whether my oil company was forcing me to change the old tank prematurely. Moises informed me that there was no sludge in the old Granby and that after cutting it open, it was in pretty good shape for being over 30 years old. He added that although the tank was in pretty good shape, it is hard to tell by visually inspecting the exterior whether an old Granby steel tank is going to leak because they rot from the inside out. So replacing a 30-year-old tank is much cheaper than cleaning up an area after the tank fails (especially after a fuel delivery) which could turn into an expensive EPA site cleanup, which could be why the oil company might have been cautious.

I am glad I found CommTank because they seemed to have the most quality product and service for the best price.

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