Even though it took longer than originally planned, we’re very happy with the work.

Customer Name: Chris and Carrie
Town/State: Lincoln, MA

Our office staff was knowledgeable and answered your questions: Excellent
Our team accommodated your scheduling needs: Excellent
Our service technicians were neat and courteous: Excellent
The work was completed in the estimated time: Good
The condition of your property after our job was: Excellent
Your overall satisfaction of services provided was: Excellent
May we publish your comment: Yes


We really appreciate the professionalism and skill of Dayro, Pedro, and Melvin in working through a challenging installation. The fill and vent pipes needed to pass through a tight crawlspace and the team persevered to achieve an excellent result. Even though it took longer than originally planned, we're very happy with the work. Thank you!

Original tanks

Original oil tanks with installation dates painted on them. 

Orginal oil tank fill and vent piping in crawl space.

New Roth Tank.

New Roth Tank.

New piping installed by CommTank.

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