Great company, job well done by the techs.

Customer Name: Ibrahim Badr
Town/State: Millbury, MA

Our office staff was knowledgeable and answered your questions: Excellent
Our team accommodated your scheduling needs: Excellent
Our service technicians were neat and courteous: Excellent
The work was completed in the estimated time: Excellent
The condition of your property after our job was: Excellent
Your overall satisfaction of services provided was: Excellent
May we publish your comment: Yes


Great company, job well done by the techs. I really appreciate the service that I received and Nelson did an excellent job and Victor as well. I highly recommend to use CommTank and their price is better from other places. Also, they are very professional and very clean. Please thank Nelson and Victor for the excellent job they did.

The customer's original oil tank.

The new Roth tank installed by CommTank.

Side view of the new Roth tank.

New oil lines connected to the furnace.

The new oil vent and fill pipe.

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