I just want to tell you that the crew did a fabulous job


I just want to tell you that the crew did a fabulous job. They worked hard, but carefully.
They are extremely adept with the machinery, shovel whatever you call it. All went smoothly
in spite of some tricky obstacles and a very tight space. And they left the site in great shape.

I gave Carlos a check for the second half of the payment. Let me know if we missed anything.

Thank you all very much. It has been a pleasure working with you.

Best regards,

Fred Lambie

P. S. I took a number of photos. I know they did, too. If you want mine I can send them on.

2,000-gallon residential underground tank exposed

The soil has been removed to expose the 2,000-gallon underground tank.

Sediment at the bottom of this underground tank.

Oil is pump from the underground tank with sediment is visible on the bottom.

Excavator pulls the underground tank from the ground

CommTank's excavator pulls the underground tank out after cleaning the interior,

Underground tank loaded in to dumpster container.

The tank has been loaded and is ready to be brought to a metal recycler.

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