Two 275-gallon Tanks Removed

Hi Dan;

I had two 275-gallon oil tanks removed from my house. The two gentlemen that came to do the work were here 10 minutes early from the promised appointment. The men were just that, gentlemen. I felt very comfortable with them in my house. They were courteous, spoke intelligently, and were very informative about the procedure. They were methodical about the way they went about their business. In one hour and fifteen minutes the job was complete. They patched the foundation wall, and made the fuel lines under the slab safe. They swept up the floor where the tanks were. The best testimony however, despite having to remove the waste oil and cutting the tanks in half for removal, my wife could not smell any oil when she got home from work.

I would recommend Commtank to anyone who needs an oil tank removed. The price for such great service was very reasonable. Truly a good experience for me and my family.

Pat Goodrow

High Tech Marine Surveys
85 Humphrey St.
Marblehead, Ma