Your Crew Was Prompt, Courteous and Professional

Hi Allison,

Santiago and Mario, the men who came to remove my oil tank, were prompt, courteous, professional, and obviously experienced. They inspected the basement, tank, and feed pipes through the foundation and got right to work. They estimated it would take about an took 55 minutes. When they finished, Santiago asked me to check the basement and approve his work before he even reached for an invoice pad. The work area was immaculate (cleaner than I had left it certainly) no spills and swept clean. He asked if I'd like him to put down a deodorizing powder to mask the smell of fuel oil, but I declined because there was so little odor. Overall, a completely painless and efficient process. Far, far exceeded my expectations for what could have been a messy and smelly job. I wrote a Yelp review as well, recommending them highly.

Matt Burnstein

Malverna Road
Roslindale, Ma 02131

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