Furnace Removal of a 100,000 BTU Newmac in Boxford, Massachusetts

Dear Mr. Hoag,

Commtank was hired by Morris Heating of Ipswich to remove a wood furnace from my referenced property. Morris had a question of possible asbestos and was concerned about the heavy weight of this furnace. Today, I met two of your employees, Moises and Kerin, who were assigned the anticipated 4-hour project of cutting up this wood furnace and then removing it from my basement.

My husband and I were pleased that Moises and Kerin arrived at exactly the appointed hour, 8:00 am today, thus showing their dependability. We were impressed with their efficient use of time in quickly assessing and comprehending the whole situation and then prioritizing various elements to achieve the best solution.

We appreciated Moises and Kerin's cooperativeness, pleasant demeanor and respect toward us (Morris's customers) as well as toward each other. In 34 minutes they achieved the removal without doing any cutting inside my home! Seeing is believing, which is why I sent you, today, the photos taken of their remarkable effort. In addition to their stellar performance, they were eager to hurry off to assist another Commtank crew in need of additional manpower. Thank you for sending to my home your very best men. To show our appreciation, an envelope and gift for Moises and for Kerin will be delivered to your offices, when the permitted work is finally signed off.

Best regards,

Mary Sackrider

Photo of furnace being removed through bulkhead.

CommTank crew poses with the owner after furnace removal.

A dolly is used to move the furnace to the truck.

The furnace is loaded on the truck and ready to be recycled.



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