They are all a tribute to the way you run your company

Good Day Mr. Casler,

I would like to let you know my experience with your company.

I noticed a spot under my oil tank and called a few companies to get it inspected and a quote for replacement. I called your company and explained my situation. I neglected to get her name, but she was very nice, courteous and professional.

Dave Savickey came that day and inspected the tank and determined it needed replacement.

As with the person on the phone, he was professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. He clearly explained my situation, tank options, and answered all my questions. He let me know up front that it would most likely be a four week wait. I explained that I always get multiple quotes before making a decision and he was very understanding.

After reviewing the quotes, the other two companies were able to do the replacement within a week. My concern with your company was the four week wait. After discussing everything with my wife, I decided to use your company. One of the reasons I chose your company is because of the way he represented himself and your company.

I called the office today to give the down payment and spoke with Cheryl Buccelli. To say it was a pleasure speaking with her is an understatement. In addition to treating me the same way, we made each other chuckle and she had me laughing out loud! She let me know to expect a call from the scheduling department. I told her my concern about the wait and she suggested I let them know when they called, which I thought would take a day or so.

To my surprise, and delight, this afternoon I received a call from Elena ( I neglected to get her last name). She did not TELL me she was going to schedule, she ASKED me if it was a good time to schedule, and as with everyone else I had the pleasure to meet, or speak with, we scheduled the replacement for December 7th. I explained my concern about the wait and she was very kind and understanding of my concern, After clearly explaining my options, I decided to keep the date, but instead of just scheduling and ending the call, she let me know that she would follow up and if anyone canceled, she would contact me and get someone here sooner.

Your company was referred to me by a family member, and please know that not only will I tell everyone about your company and how I was treated, I will definitely refer your company to anyone who may need the same help. I wish I knew the name of the woman I spoke with initially.

I have had my own company, have been a manager of another, and have been in customer service for over forty years and your employees treated me the same way I, and the people I managed, treated my customers. They are all a tribute to the way you run your company, and I feel confident everything will go smoothly.
Thank you for taking the time to read this rather long email.

Best Regards,

John Del Signore

Original oil tank in John Signore's basement.

Drip tray located under the oil filter on the original tank.

New Granby Ecoguard oil tank installed by CommTank.

New oil filter connected to the original oil line. The existing oil line is double-walled and didn't need to be replaced.

New oil vent and fill pipes installed by CommTank.

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